Wedding Officiants in Brockville, Ontario

Including: Prescott, Maitland, North Augusta,Cardinal, Iroquois,Lynn, Delta,Toledo,Elizabeth Town, Maynard,Spencerville, Inkerman.

Gayle PoapstawardAdditional LanguagesEnglish

Gayle PoapstGayle Poapst (pronounced Popst) offers warmth, compassion, and a calm confidence to your special day, creating a safe and supportive environment for you and your loved ones. She can offer traditional or Buddhist inspired ceremonies as well as a traditional fire puja chanted in Sanskrit. A retired nurse, Gayle now teaches yoga internationally while running a yoga studio ‘Bodhi Tree Yoga’ in Kemptville, Ontario. She is currently working on building a school and birthing centre in rural India. “My dharma is to love and serve and what better way to do this than to share in the ceremony of uniting two people in a spiritual or non–denominational wedding ceremony.”

Richard WoodlandawardAdditional LanguagesEnglish

Richard WoodlandRichard a resident of Spencerville, is a retired elementary school teacher who has worked with adults and children throughout his career. He is a very sensitive, experienced wedding officiant. Richard is very active in the community and has a good understanding of the concerns of each individual and couple. The wedding planning, the wedding day and the wedding ceremony should be an experience that will be remembered for years. It is a very special occasion and he would be pleased to help with the planning of a non–denominational or spiritual service. It would be a privilege to help you plan for your special day.

Kerry Fong-JeanawardAdditional LanguagesEnglish

Kerry Fong-JeanKerry lives in the 1000 Islands area. She loves the natural beauty of the river and the forests as well as the kindness of the community. She has previously held careers as a Primary School Teacher, Flight Attendant, B & B Owner/Operator, Senior's aide, and she is a Reiki practitioner, Reflexologist and Certified Celebrant . You won’t find a warmer people person who goes out of her way to help others in any way she can. She loves nature and would be pleased to conduct your spiritual, interfaith or same-sex wedding ceremony in a garden, forest, or cottage setting if that appeals to you. She looks forward to creating the day of your dreams with you.

Tania Castonguay-NorrisawardAdditional LanguagesEnglish

Tania Castonguay-NorrisTania is newly married herself, and understands all the joys of putting together a ceremony that reflects your individual taste and style. She’s got the right kind of savvy for the job! She and her new partner have settled in the historic town of Lombardy, after having lived most of her life in Toronto, Calgary and Ottawa. Tania respects the freedom to choose one’s own path to happiness. She specializes in both secular and spiritual types of ceremonies and is comfortable working with couples of mixed-faith, mixed-culture, and same-sex. Sensitive, compassionate, flexible, knowledgeable... and focused on making your wedding ceremony the very best it can be!

Wendy OnsteinawardAdditional LanguagesEnglishSpanish

Wendy OnsteinWendy calls Brockville home; born and raised. She thrives on seeing people succeed in life and wants to cater to your non-denominational, spiritual or same gender wedding ceremony. People choose Wendy because of she has a passion and dedication to make your wedding day a lifelong memorable experience in an organized, modern and energetic way. She is knowledgeable, honest, punctual, fun and approachable.

Debbie MacDonaldawardAdditional LanguagesEnglish

Debbie MacDonaldI look forward to working with you to make your personalized non–denominational, spiritual or same gender wedding ceremony a memory that will last a lifetime. Rick and I have six children, plus we have been blessed with three granddaughters. I have always been the go to person in the family for gatherings and special occasions. I work in the Retail Financial sector so putting clients at ease is now second nature to me. I’m a warm, friendly and outgoing person and I would ensure to my utmost ability that your wedding day would be all that you have imagined it would be.

Dan RoddickawardAdditional LanguagesEnglish

Dan RoddickDaniel (Dan) lives in the country near Cardinal, a graduate of Carleton University with both a BA and MA in Political Science. He is now a small business owner and active member of the community. Dan enjoys supporting his two teenaged daughters in their extracurricular activities, and volunteering with the South Grenville Food Bank, the Beth Donovan Hospice and his Masonic Lodge. An avid public speaker, music lover and vocal performer, Dan is comfortable performing any type of wedding ceremony, from non-denominational to the spiritual, to give each couple the right touch to their very special day.

Brenda MillerawardAdditional LanguagesEnglish

Brenda MillerBrenda feels fortunate to live in Landsdowne, amongst the beautiful Thousand Islands. “Retired” from her 45-year professional career in Mental Health, she enjoys the luxury of time to conduct meaningful wedding ceremonies for couples in her community. Brenda continues her advocacy for “Mental Health for All” by occasionally teaching Mental Health First Aid, facilitating workshops and providing consultation. You will find her open, with a sense of humour, and an experienced speaker. Her two dogs make sure she’s out walking daily, and if that doesn’t keep her fit, she plays pickle ball twice a week. We know she would be the right choice for your special day.

Barbara DeJeetawardAdditional LanguagesEnglish

Barbara DeJeetI now live in the small community of Toledo ON but serve many towns in the area: Perth, Smiths Falls, Westport and Brockville. My wife and I enjoy caring for our flower gardens and beautiful big yard, which is also enjoyed by our dog Shelby. I am told that I am friendly and caring person with a big heart. I would love to meet you and honoured to be part of your special wedding ceremony. Here is what a couple said about my service: "Barbara put our mind at ease, was pleasant and knowledgeable, and helped us have a perfect ceremony with our vision in mind. We had a simple rural wedding, and we received many complements from our guest on how smooth it went and how beautiful it was. We couldn't be happier with the support and professionalism of both All Seasons and Barbara. Thank you."